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How to reduce assembly time by 40% while maintaining the highest load capacities? Discover and order the frame fixing with the shortest anchoring zone R-FFS!

Two embedment depths 40/50mm for quick installation
High resistance of the FFS to high temperature in fire conditions confirmed up to 90 minutes in concret
Punch-tool to increase performance in aerated concrete
High strength parameters confirmed by extensive documentation
High shear strength thanks to the use of steel grade 6.8
One of the lightest nailers on the market
R-FFS can be used for outside condition with the use of bituminous coating
Wide range of base materials
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Accessories, applications and substrates


Ventilated façades
Window frames
Balustrades and handrails
Garage doors
Door frames
Wooden constructions
Light constructions


Non-cracked concrete
Cracked concrete
Solid Brick
Solid Sand-lime Brick
Hollow Brick
Hollow Sand-lime Brick
Hollow Lightweight Concrete Block
Aerated Concrete Block

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How to fix 40% faster in aerated concrete?

Quick installation thanks to special setting tool for aerated concreto – save up to 40% of installation time avoiding drilling and whole cleaning. Additionally, setting Tools increases characteristic load to 1,5kN (load with standard rotary drilling procedure – 0,9 kN)